On the Sabine mountains for April 25th: a journey between history and nature

Celebrate April 25th with an invigorating walk in the Sabine Mountains and discover trails that intertwine nature’s majesty with echoes of a resilient past. An itinerary that promises visual wonders and moments of reflection.

On April 25th, immerse yourself in nature with an excursion in the Sabine Mountains!
The “Museo Diffuso della Resistenza” invites you to explore the nature trails, full of breathtaking views and echoes of a resilient past. Routes that offer a one-of-a-kind experience.

Follow the directional arrows of the “memory path” which will guide you through enchanting scenery and encourage you to live every moment, savoring the peace and serenity of these places. An itinerary that allows you to discover the uncontaminated beauty of the Sabine Mountains and experience the history of which they are silent witnesses.

The “Museo Diffuso della Resistenza” is a celebration of nature and history that invites you to stroll on paths that pass through lush forests and panoramic views. Along the route of approximately 10 km, you will discover corners of paradise on earth that tell stories of resilience and hope.

A point of particular interest along the way is the Monte Tancia area, known as Arcucciola. Here, nature merges with history in a place where the events of the past have left an indelible mark. Without going into the details of the specific events, the mountain offers an unparalleled view and a moment of reflection on how intertwined nature and history can be.

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