The traditional agri-food products of Sabina in the gastronomic heritage of Italy

The Ministry of Agriculture, Food Sovereignty and Forestry (Masaf) has updated the national list of Traditional Agri-Food Products of Lazio (Pat) with another nine excellences, 3 are from Sabino territory.

Among the new recognized Pats, three fall into the category: fresh pasta and bakery, biscuit, pastry and confectionery products: the Fiamignanese pizza rentorta from Reatino, the serpentone from Capena (RM) and the tortiglione from Jenne (RM).

The remaining six are all part of the gastronomy products category. Three from Tuscia Viterbese: acqua cotta; Etruscan fettuccine with Ferlenghi mushrooms and sausage and Mirandò or Mirandot from Tarquinia. Two from the Reatino area: pizzicotti alla liscianara and stringozzi aspres. One from Ciociaria: the sagne and beans from Arnara.


According to the current legislation, to be recognized as Pat, a product must necessarily be characterized by “processing, conservation and maturing methods consolidated over time, homogeneous throughout the entire territory concerned, according to traditional rules” for a period of no less than twenty-five years. .

«The importance of the Pat is not limited to gastronomic excellence alone – declares the Extraordinary Commissioner of Arsial Massimiliano Raffa – but extends to the ability to intertwine the stories, even centuries-old, of our communities, with their contemporary fabric.».


With the new entries, Lazio rises to 472 products included in the national list, placing it in second place among the Italian regions in terms of number of Pats. Divided by category, the Lazio Pats include: 108 vegetable products, 195 pastas, desserts and baked goods; 64 fresh meats, 48 cheeses, 10 fish preparations, 18 delicatessen products, 9 oils, 7 products of animal origin (honey and ricotta), 9 spirits and non-alcoholic drinks and 4 condiments.

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