Discover Sabina with the new GeoSabina app!

The GeoSabina app is your gateway to discovering our beautiful region.
Navigating the APP you can find all the information you need to explore Sabina, from useful news to events, through local beauties and municipal initiatives.

Here’s how to make the most of the app’s features:

Sabina News: to stay up to date, this section offers continuous updates on the most important curiosities and facts of the area, in-depth articles and flash news on local events and developments.
How to Use It: access the “Sabina News” section from the main menu. Scroll through the different news and tap the one you are interested in to read the full article.

Sabina Events: to never miss an event in Sabina. Here you will find the complete calendar of cultural events, festivals, exhibitions, concerts and much more.
How to Use It: click on “Sabina Events” from the menu. Explore the events on the calendar and get details on dates, times, locations and descriptions. You can filter the events by type or date.

Around You: to discover the points of interest near your current location. Ideal for finding historical places, parks, restaurants and other attractions in Sabina
How to Use It: activate the GPS on your device and open the “Around You” section. The map will show you the points of interest nearby; by touching them you can view the card with photos, details and get directions. You can also filter the points of interest on the map by individual categories.

Municipality Network: the section dedicated to the municipalities of Sabina that support the GeoSabina project.
How to Use It: navigate to the “Municipality Network” section to select the municipality of interest. Here you can consult all the information, the services offered by the municipality and the cards of the points of interest.

The Municipality inform you: to receive notifications and updates directly from the municipalities of the Geosabina network on local notices, changes to traffic, emergencies and other important communications.
How to Use It: make sure you have notifications active for “The Municipality inform you”. You will receive real-time updates directly on your device.

Customize the app settings to receive notifications tailored to your interests and in your language (ITA/ENG).

Available in Italian and English, the GeoSabina APP is your ideal guide for tourism in Sabina.

Download it now and start your adventure!

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