New GeoSabina App feature available: Search for Points of Interest!

We are excited to announce a new feature in the GeoSabina app: the “Search Points of Interest” feature is now available!
This update is designed to enhance the exploration experience by making searching for specific locations easier and more intuitive


New Functionality Includes:

  • Custom Search: Enter the name of the point of interest and/or select a category and/or select the name of a municipality to view related points surveyed by GeoSabina.
  • Filtered Results by Category: Filter search results by categories such as “Must-See Points,” “Churches,” “Itineraries,” “Villages,” and more to find exactly what you are looking for.

This new feature, in addition to the “Around You” feature, Around You is perfect for those who want to explore Sabina’s hidden treasures or simply find the best nearby services and attractions quickly.

Whether you are a visiting tourist or a resident looking for new experiences, “Search Points of Interest” will help you discover and plan your adventures with ease.

Available in Italian and English, the GeoSabina APP is your ideal guide to tourism in Sabina.

Download or update the GeoSabina app today to start taking advantage of the new features!

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