The works of Plautilla Bricci, painter and architect, in Poggio Mirteto

Explore the legacy of Plautilla Bricci, one of the first female architects and painters of the 17th century, with the video now available on GeoSabina.
This extraordinary figure has left an indelible mark in the history of art, with works still admirable in the churches of Poggio Mirteto. 

Plautilla Bricci (1616-1705) was a pioneer in 17th-century art and architecture, fields traditionally dominated by men. Her exceptional talent is manifested in her works magnificently preserved in some churches of Poggio Mirteto, which remain living testimonies of her artistic contribution.

In the video we propose, enriched by the interventions of Melania G. Mazzucco, author of the book “L’architettrice” (winner of the Strega Prize in 2020), and Yuri Primarosa, historian of ancient art and curator at the National Art Galleries Antica, we offer a detailed study of Bricci’s life and works. Mazzucco and Primarosa provide an engaging narrative that illuminates the life of this exceptional artist.

This film will take you through the iconic locations of Poggio Mirteto where Bricci’s works can be admired, offering a unique window into her lasting impact on artistic culture.

For those who wish to explore them in person, Plautilla Bricci’s works can be admired by visiting the following churches in Poggio Mirteto:

  1. Cathedral of Santa Maria Assunta
  2. Church of San Giovanni Battista
  3. Church of San Rocco
[By clicking on the names of the churches, it will be possible to directly access the points of interest sheets on GeoSabina, where you will find detailed information and historical curiosities]

Each of these locations holds pieces of Bricci’s history, keeping its legacy alive through the years.

Plautilla Bricci has broken many barriers in her time and continues to inspire with her accomplishments. Don’t miss the opportunity to discover her stories and works through our video and a visit to Poggio Mirteto.

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