Discover the Two Faces of the Carnival of Poggio Mirteto: Carnevalone Poggiano and Carnevalone Liberato

In the heart of Sabina, just a few kilometers from Rome, two of the most significant and unique events of the Italian carnival panorama take place annually: the Carnevalone Poggiano and the Carnevalone Liberato. These festivities offer different experiences, a testament to the cultural richness and diversity that characterize the Lazio region.

Two of the most characteristic carnivals of Lazio: these events, while sharing the same location and celebration period, offer different experiences, reflecting the rich culture and history of Poggio Mirteto.

Carnevalone Poggiano: a Centennial Tradition

The Carnevalone Poggiano, now at its 160th edition, is an event that celebrates the deepest roots of traditional carnival. The festival takes place on the last Sunday before Lent and sees the participation of the entire community in a parade of allegorical floats, masked groups, and individual masks that cross the town center, creating a unique atmosphere of joy and sharing. The highlight of the festival is the cremation of His Majesty Carnevalone, a puppet that symbolizes the end of the carnival festivities and the beginning of Lent. This ritual, loaded with symbolism, unites the community in a moment of collective renewal.

Carnevalone Liberato: a Celebration of Freedom and Social Critique

The Carnevalone Liberato, reinstated in 1977 after being suppressed during the fascist regime, is held in full Lent and represents a form of resistance and anticlerical critique. This celebration is characterized by a strong satirical component towards the Church and power, with the square of Poggio Mirteto transforming into a stage of free expression, where food, especially meat, is consumed provocatively during the Lenten period. The festival invites reflection on current social and political issues, keeping alive the carnivalesque spirit of inversion and convention overturning.

An Unmissable Experience

Participating in the Carnevalone Poggiano and the Carnevalone Liberato means immersing oneself in two cultural experiences deeply rooted in the community of Poggio Mirteto. Both events offer the opportunity to explore the different facets of the carnival, from the more traditional and familiar to the critical and revolutionary, both authentic expressions of the vibrant spirit of Sabina.

How to Get There and Where to Stay

Poggio Mirteto is easily accessible by train or car from Rome and the main cities of Lazio. For those who want to fully experience the carnival, the area offers various accommodation solutions, from welcoming farmhouses to vacation homes, ideal for a stay immersed in tranquility and nature.


The Carnevalone Poggiano and the Carnevalone Liberato represent a living testimony of the culture and tradition of Poggio Mirteto, offering all participants an unforgettable experience. These events are not just a party but a true journey through the history, culture, and emotions of a community that can still surprise and involve.


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