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Canneto Sabino, RI


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The Routes of Oil

Sabina is the land of the olive tree par excellence, just 50 kilometers from Rome, it offers wonderful opportunities for recreation, among the natural beauties, the architecture of the ancient villages, the refined food and a unique welcome, it amazes in all seasons. . Oil is the pretext to discover this enchanting land.

The first step, a duty and indispensable, is a visit to the Ulivone di Canneto. A very ancient (apparently approaching 2000 years of age) tree located in the private estate of the Bertini brothers. The tree measures 7 meters in circumference and legend has it that it was the king of Rome Numa Pompilius who transplanted it, and it has an annual production of about 12 quintals of olives.

Olive trees have always represented the Sabine territory with their varieties, the most common being: frantoio, leccino, carboncella and rosciola. Continuing towards Toffia, you can visit the town, a charming characteristic village overlooking the valleys rich in natural beauty. Inside the town, jewels of the past are presented to visitors such as Palazzo Castellani, Palazzo Gabrielli, not to mention every characteristic corner that allows for an enchanting stop. The tour continues towards Montopoli di Sabina. Two beautiful views allow you to admire the valleys below: on one side the Tiber Valley and on the other the plain that extends to Rome. During the harvesting season, which takes place in the autumn, you can visit the surrounding mills, tasting the oil that has just come out of the separator

Another important stop is the town of Cantalupo in Sabina, an enchanting village in the Sabina area. A walk in the village and off to Forano and Stimigliano. We arrived at lunchtime and Magliano is the final stage of the tour. Gracious and welcoming, Magliano is the last stage of this “oil” tour. It is interesting to visit the Archaeological Civic Museum, and enjoy the wonderful panorama that the town offers. The oil and olives in the harvest period are the common thread of this wonderful land, made of unforgettable scents and sensations