Starter Point

Poggio Mirteto


2h 30m

Colle Cosimo, Colle Capanne e Monte Morrone

The nature in Sabine Region is a wonderful one, wild and untouched.

The small villages around the countryside and the mountains frame the magnificence of the landscape; the seasons are the vivid expression of blooms, here.

Many hills and some higher ones can be easily seen and reached by car, to go on walking and going deeply among paths and woods. In this selection of mountain itineraries, we have provided some intriguing routes giving inputs to a planty of possibilities.

The strength of the Sabine landscapes is unprecedent.It gives breath and relief, as if it was a cure for the progress and daily life deseases, it slows down and looks around as a color and lightness strong desire.

The first itinerary includes two hills and a mountain: Colle Cosimo, Colle Capanne and Monte Morrone.

Vertical drop: 270 meters (approx.)
Difficulty: easy walk through woods and rocks
Dress code: boots, jacket, hat, waterproof clothing (any equipments needed), water

The hills involved are the real “front door” on the side SW. Very interesting itinerary because of the totality of the climatic zones. Although well-shaded it is not recommended in summer or in times of drought. No fountains.


Driving from Poggio Mirteto you climb to San Valentino hill, along the paved road.

When the paved road ends, just on the right, a dirt road starts and there you can park your car and start walking. The altitude is 494 m, here.

Walk on the dirt road for a few dozen meters. On the left you will see a stony path uphill, within a forest of oaks.

Take the path and after 15 minutes walking you will reach a grassy saddle. Going on downhill, always on the stony path, you will reach a ditch. Cross the ditch and you will come to a crossroads. Take the middle path stlanting up towards the left and after 30 minutes you cross the dirt road you left early.

Right after on the left, a large mule path climbs towards the south ridge of Colle Capanne.

Watching southwards you can admire the Tiber valley and you can see the chain of Lecretili Mountains.

At the top of Colle Capanne (50 minutes later, more or less), walk down to the west following a fence and leaving the wooded spot on your right. You come to a wide open area and continue through clearings, woodlands and mixed stain. You will finallt reach the Morrone Mountain foresummit. Walking for an hour and twenty minutes more, you will get to the Morrone Mountain real top.

(Special thanks to Alberto Casazza, who contributed to the realization of this route with his precious book on Sabine routes ).