Start Point

Bocchignano, RI


2h 20m

Towards Tancia Mount in Mountain Bike

Distance from Rome: 45 km
Length: 28 km
Total ascent: 880 m
Maximum altitude 820 meters above sea level

Average difficultiy route through the Sabine mountains, and between Salisano Poggio Catino, passing through the Tancia Mount. The route alternates between dirt and paved tracks, poorly popular.

To reach Bocchignano you should run the Salaria Way for 35.9 km, then turns to Poggio Mirteto (Sp 313). At km 10.2, in Colonnetta town precisely, turn right (Sp 42) going towards Salisano. Passi through the Granari village , towards Farfa, and turn left to Bocchignano at the km 14, properly.

Km 3.0 to 391 masl – Km 0.0 to 175 masl
The starting point is the church on the corner getting the road for Salisano.
Take the dirt uphill – via piedimonte – on the right of the church going up to St.Valentine in Poggio Mirteto

Km 0.6 to 245 masl
Go left uphill alternating steep cemented ramps and stretches of dirt road.

At km 1 you will pass a gate
Km 1.1 to 285 masl
When cross a home, go on keeping the left

Km 2.6 to 364 masl
At the junction, turn left on asphalt path

Overcome a steep ramp intersecting another road and turn right, there. After 900 m turn right, where the asphalt changes into a the dirt path in the woods

Km 6.1 to 636 masl
Here you will find a fork marked by a big wooden quite illegible today. Go on the right

Km 7.3 to 634 masl
At the fork, go left

Km 7.6 to 648 masl
Crossing “Casale Ferri” you will face up an additional dirt path. Turn left and ride for 1 km

Km 8.7 to 626 masl
Once on the road, turn right on asphalt. In first kilometers you will face ups and downs.

After passing a bridge – where you can take a detour on foot to St. Michael’s Cave (15 min) – the slope is stronger.

Km 11.7 to 784 masl
Once riched the saddle, the highest point of the day, turn right on a dirt road passing by the old Osteria del Tancia, now adapted to a hostel. As written on the signs , an important way of communication until last century.

12.1 km 792 m
At the fork take the dirt on the right. You are still going up before the long descent towards Salisano. You will pass next to a farmhouse with picnic area, enter the wood there. Get again the asphalt way to the country.

Km 19.2 to 416 masl
At the crossroads, you will come into town and turn left downhill.

Km 19.7 to 389 meters above sea level
Once on the road, turn right. In 8 km you will quickly return to Bocchignano. Should you want to avoid the truck traffic, especially the heavy one on weekdays, best to move forward as hereinafter described.

Km 22.1 to 291 masl
Leave the main road turning left on Via Roccabaldesca downhill

Km 22.2 to 288 masl
After a few meters turn right onto Via Rocca. A couple of steep descending will lead you in the plain

Km 25.9 to 112 masl
You are now on the main road. Turn right and slightly uphill to be back to Bocchignano in a couple of km

(Special Thanks to Paolo & Gino for their pivotal contribution)