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Stimigliano, RI


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Stimigliano – Forano e Oasi Tevere Farfa

In Sabine Region the beauty freely ranges from the natural one to the and artistic one. We would propose in this route three beautiful countries along the Tiber valley. From there, the Tevere Farfa Oasis is easily reachable.

Leave Rome on the A1 to Orte, exit Ponzano-Soratte – direction SR657 towards Stimigliano.

7 km driving , and in just 10 minutes you will reach the country.

The town of Stimigliano is called “the Gate of Sabina”. It is the first village youface up before Rome, leaving the highway. It gathered around the imposing Baronial Palace of the Orsini family, built and expanded work at various stages during the sixteenth century.

In the palace, paintings of Taddeo Zuccari Federcio followers and images depicting the life of Joseph and Mary can be admired today. The beautiful medieval village is enhanced by the SS. Cosma e Damiano and the church of San Valentino.

From the village you can admire a large part of the Bassa Sabina and the gentle curves of the Tiber.

Leaving Stimigliano, you move to Forano by returning on the SR657 road, and leaving the highway on the right at the first roundabout. Go up to the land. Forano is a small town with a very ancient history. There you will find evidence of the Sabine appropriations as early as the ninth century b.C. During the Roman Empire, the countryside is depopulated and over the centuries it absorbs the identities of the local lords, until it became a free city in 1262.

The impressive Palazzo Ducale, built around the thirteenth century, overlooking the ruins of an ancient fortress. Numerous churches: the S.S. Trinity and Assumption, built in the late seventeenth century, the nineteenth-century Waldensian Church and the Church of St. Sebastian among the others. The Memorial Park is marvellous, and it is dedicated to the fallen in of the First World War, from 1925.

As for the Archeological side, Gavignano is small but important, with its traces of Roman walls. Aldobrandini Castle is one of the most interesting stops.

Our journey is ending in a fascinating embrace of nature, the Tevere-Farfa Oasis.

It can be reach driving on the SR657, direction Poggio Mirteto; arrived at the train station, go on towards Rome and at the first roundabout turn right.

From the bridge onwards there are several possibilities: directly below the bridge on the left starts a dirt path that you can also get cycling. Right after the bridge there is a small dock to begin a pleasant walk. Getting the direction to Nazzano, you will find the signs for many additional routes in the park “La Riserva”, having a wonderful extension of 700 hectares of woods and glades, with Poplars, Willows and Alders and many other varieties typical for a path of the Tiber.

The walk ends in the Reserve, with the scents of nature and the beauty of the Bassa Sabina.

A prelude to many additional discoveries.