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Magliano Sabina, (RI)

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Magliano Sabina, Tarano e Vescovio

This itinerary is very varied, it includes three really interesting points of the Lower Sabina, are towns of great artistic interest and the beautiful Sanctuary of Vescovio.

The first stop on our journey concerns the town of Magliano Sabina, easy to reach from the A1 motorway, Magliano exit. The town of Magliano in ancient times belonged to the Roman municipality of Ocriculum. From 1311 it became a free municipality and in 1495, just close to the end of the Middle Ages, at the behest of Pope Alessandro Borgia, it became the seat of the Diocese of Sabina. Like other countries that developed on the banks of the Tiber, Magliano was based on the possibilities that the river has granted over the centuries. And as a first landing, the Civic Archaeological Museum certainly offers great points of interest and curiosity. Built by the Lazio Region in 1989, it is housed in the historic residence of Palazzo Gori. In the large museum there are finds dating back to the Middle and Upper Palaeolithic, sections dedicated to Protohistory and the Archaic period. The Hellenist, Roman and medieval phase on the second floor of the museum. The village is classic from an architectural point of view and the panorama is beautiful.

Leaving the town, taking the provincial road 54, towards the northwestern viaduct of Santa Maria, we move towards the town of Tarano, about 18 km from Magliano. Tarano is a typically medieval village, on the gentle hills of the Sabina, with ancient stone houses and the unmistakable structure of the ancient agglomerations. A pre-Romanesque cathedral offers space for the beautiful 12th century bell tower. A welcoming country with typical traditions, it can be an ideal place to rest and admire the surrounding beauties.

From Tarano, in ten minutes, continue to the suggestive Sanctuary of Vescovio. Undoubtedly the Sanctuary is the oldest center, both in civil history and in the religious history of the Sabine territory. Ancient Roman city, Forum Novum, with the advent of Christianity, becomes the fulcrum of faith. The Sanctuary was born in the 4th century AD. and it will be the seat of the Sabine Bishops until 1495. A beautiful park surrounds the Sanctuary, a destination for privileged walks in spring and summer.