Start Point

Casello A1 Ponzano Romano


1h 45m

In the Tevere Farfa nature reserve by Mountain Bike

Distance from Rome: 50 km
Length: 28 km
Total ascent: 290 m
Maximum altitude: 210 meters above sea level
Dirt road: 65%

Enchanting route in the Tiber valley north of Rome; fluvial environment of the Tevere Farfa nature reserve, with its beauties and its wild charm. Physical effort limited to the steep climb that leads to the village of Nazzano. In case of rain, the itinerary can still be pedaled, the only drawback being mud.

How to get
Take the A1 motorway northwards and exit at Ponzano – Soratte. Immediately after the toll booth, turn right for 200 m up to a square in correspondence with the provincial road to Ponzano where it is possible to stop.
For those wishing to halfway through the route, it passes near the Monte Libretti station served by urban trains on which the transport of bicycles is allowed

Km 0.0 – 35 masl
From the square at the exit of the toll booth, take the provincial road to Ponzano / Nazzano / Torrita Tiberina

Km 1.1 – 35 masl
At a petrol and methane station, leave the provincial road and turn left

Km 1,8 – 35 masl
At the crossroads continue on the asphalt to the right. After 400 m, at an intersection, go straight on. At km 3.1 the road becomes a dirt road and at km 3.6 you are on the edge of the river that you follow along its course

Km 4,7 30 – above sea level
The main dirt road turns right towards Filacciano. We continue straight through the cultivated fields in a bend in the river

Km 6.2 – 30 masl
Once you reach the river, turn right

Km 7.1 – 32 masl
At the intersection we turn left. At km 8.8 we turn right onto the main track

Km 9.6 – 30 masl
At a dilapidated house, before reaching the large pipes of the Peschiera aqueduct, turn right uphill on asphalt

Km 9.9 – 55 masl
Take the provincial road downhill for 700 m

Km 10.6 – 30 masl
We take the small road downhill immediately after turning right along the river The provincial road instead continues with a bridge over the river and reaches after about 1 km the station of Poggio Mirteto scalo from where those who use the train can start the route

Km 11.2 – 30 masl
Continue straight on the wide dirt road along the river. The numerous signs remind us that we are inside the Tiber Farfa natural park. After 5 km, at an old ferry dock, the road turns right becoming asphalted and starting to climb

Km 16.9 – 30 masl
In correspondence of a large parking lot we take the slope to the right very calmly; 1 km awaits us at 15%

Km 18,0 – 163 masl
At the end of the most demanding stretch of the day, turn left following the signs for Rome / A1 motorway, passing the crossroads for Torrita Tiberina (km 19.0) and for Ponzano (km 19.1)

Km 19.9 – 197 meters above sea level
Leave the provincial road 15 / a at km 32,400 turning right for Civitella and after 100 m turn right again following the signs for S. Francesco. Stay on Via S. Francesco for 2 km, ignoring the crossroads you meet

Km 21.9 – 205 meters above sea level
In correspondence of a curve to the right, be careful: the main dirt road continues towards S.francesco, we take the small road on the left which immediately begins to descend becoming, after a house, asphalted.

Km 23.3 – 83 masl
Turn right and then continue along the embankment of the motorway, ignoring the side deviations on a partially paved surface. After about 3 km a large waste bin and the highway underpass bring us back to civilization

Km 26.4 – 35 masl
On the provincial road we turn left to return, in 1.3 km, to the starting point.
For those who wish, walking 300 m towards Ponzano, it is possible to visit the beautiful Romanesque church of S.Andrea in Flumine

(Thanks to Paola and Gino for their precious contribution)